Urology influencer app


Representative driven iPad application to detail the number and location of its pharmaceutical prescribers.

Location, location, location


The client needed to influence its customers by showing the large number of prescribers on a national and state level. This app needed to be quick and easy to use since time in front of the HCP audience is limited.
Since the sales team had limited time with its audience, we combined graphic visuals with easy to use navigation. State views are accessible through tapping the area, or searching through the directory. Each sales person usually works in a limited area so we made it possible to bookmark these, bringing them to the top of the directory.

HCP Campaign


With the app's success came the need to create a HCP campaign.
Banner ads were created to drive traffic to the XTANDI prescriber landing page. We were able to have each ad show the map, counter, and ISI scroll animation within the limited file size.
We designed an overlay homepage to the existing XTANDI HCP site to detail the urology prescriber campaign.
Email blasts were sent out to subscribed XTANDI HCPs. Each message had best practices in mind, keeping them concise and mobile friendly.