High level branding concepts


All of the concepts I work on are build from a strong brand foundation taken from the brief. Instead of vilifying the problem, I always choose to show the brand acting as a hero. Below are a few concepts in various stages of development.

Anti angiogenesis therapy


Avastin wanted to show how its excellent data reflected on the patients life. I restructured Avastins data into a patient portrait to tell the prescribers that it was the backbone to their survival.

Lung cancer


This lung cancer therapy only works for a certain type of patient with a genetic mutation in their DNA. I decided to combine a finger print and a lung visual to show how utilizing this personalized weakness on the disease can create a beneficial outcome.

Cancer therapy


This class of PD-L1 inhibitors has a breakthrough method of action unlike its competitors. In this concept we show the hero anti-PD-L1 receptor and a few cancer cells its targeted.

Skin cancer therapy


This brand wanted to show what its extended survival meant. I chose to not to show the skin cancer tumors, but the promise of more days lived. This is seen by a projected image onto the patients skin of him and his son fishing.

Extending therapy


The client wanted to show how Elitek should be used not only for high risk patients, but for medium risk as well. The umbrella's extension shows how this drug increases protection from uric acid across all types of patients.

Simple therapy for a patients complex life


These first round concept sketches show the benefits of simple dosing in comparison to the patients busy life.